This Little-Noticed Moment Has Fans Thinking Daryl Might Be Gay…


The Ambiguous Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Back when Rick Grimes and the gang first got to Alexandria, there was an interesting evening between Daryl Dixon, Aaron, and Eric. The scenes were likely meant to highlight Daryl as an outsider, but it could say something more.

Back in Season 5’s “Forget,” Daryl Dixon avoids a party in Alexandria. This was back when Rick, Michonne, and Carol were all uncertain of this new zombie-free playground. After avoiding a party, the evening took Daryl on a journey.

Aaron, looking to help this loner, invited Daryl to eat with him and Eric.

Spaghetti Dinner Among Friends

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Aaron and Eric invited Daryl Dixon to come inside and have spaghetti in their home. Since Daryl is a new character that isn’t in the comic, the writers can change his backstory or interests as necessary.

Daryl Dixon’s sexuality is still a mystery as he remains an anomalous lone wolf character. Throughout each season, his biggest challenge is to accept his general love for those around him.

The only people close to Daryl have been Beth and Carol, but nothing has ever happened there regarding romance.

The Unknown Truths About Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Aaron and Eric invited this stranger to join them, it was because Aaron identified Daryl as an outsider. He recognized a certain type of “otherness” in his fellow man and wanted to unite within this characteristic.

At dinner, Aaron said that he and Eric both understand what it is like to feel like an outsider and be unable to connect. While it’s unlikely they were shunned from the party, he’s likely referring to prejudices before the outbreak, as a child.

It’s at this moment that Aaron invites Daryl to join him as a recruiter. This way, together or even as individuals, they can help the group without having to work alongside too many others.

It’s unclear if this invitation also hints at the fact that even Aaron believes Daryl Dixon might be a homosexual, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Do you think the series will address Daryl Dixon sexuality in Season 8?


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