Everyone Is Saying THIS About Daryl Right Now… Uh-Oh


There have been a ton of anti-heroes on television in recent years. From Tony Soprano to Walter White, anti-heroes simply make a series more interesting. Now, Daryl Dixon has joined the tribe of good guys turned bad.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since the very beginning, Daryl Dixon has been a wild card. Since he’s not in the comic book, no one really knows what he’s going to do from season to season. Now, however, he’s really made a big change.

Even Rosita couldn’t agree with Daryl Dixon when he went against Rick Grimes.

Daryl Dixon Will Do Anything To Win

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Daryl Dixon tells Tara his plan, she’s quickly on board. In fact, both of them are literally dying to kill Dwight. But when he tells Michonne and Rosita, neither can go along with the plan that might kill innocent people.

For Daryl Dixon, the ends justify the means. Basically, he wants to open a hole in the side of the Sanctuary so the walkers can get inside. When Rick Grimes (accidentally) tosses the dynamite into a fire, he developed a new plan to knock down the wall.

With a garbage truck and a cinder block, Daryl found a way to create a hole.

Living In The Grey Area On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The scene may have been more interesting if Rosita or Michonne were vital to the plan, but luckily Morgan quickly jumped in. Surprisingly, he’s also on board to take down the Saviors at any cost to the workers.

Regardless of what they did, the true thing to ponder is how he could go against Rick Grimes and put innocent people in harm’s way. For the most part, most fans are still “team Daryl Dixon,” but that could change.

Every character has the capability to switch sides. In this very episode, both Eugene and Dwight perform tasks that prove they have both switched. Eugene is now officially a Savior, while Dwight is not officially one of the good guys.

But, where does Daryl Dixon stand on the list of good and evil? Do you think fans will ever turn on our hero, Daryl?


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