Daryl And Rick’s Fist Fight Is Reminiscent Of THIS Hollywood Movie Scene


“Chokehold is illegal, asshole,” said Rick. In “The Big Scary U,” tensions between Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon grow to a fight. When the duo finds dynamite, it brings up a discussion they’ve yet to face.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of “Some Guy,” Rick and Daryl chased down two Saviors who had the machine guns that killed the Kingdommers. After a short car chase, the duo caught up with and killed the Saviors.

But when they found dynamite with the guns, Daryl had an idea that Rick didn’t agree with.

The Debate On Saving The Workers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back in the premiere, Jesus and Tara were trying to figure out what to with those who surrender. Tara, trying to avenge Denise, wanted to kill every Savior, regardless of whether or not they were workers or surrendered.

Meanwhile, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon were on a separate mission. Rick ran into his old friend Morales and killed someone he realized had a baby. These two facts are making Rick rethink his methods in this war.

Daryl Dixon, on the other hand, executed every Savior they came across with no regard to who the men were before they were Saviors.

Daryl Dixon Will Do Whatever It Takes To Win

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When they find the dynamite, Daryl decides he doesn’t care if dozens of people get hurt. His idea is to blow open the Sanctuary so the walkers can get in and cause chaos.

Because this will potentially kill innocent people, Rick knew he had to stop Daryl. This, of course, led to an argument. That argument eventually led to a fistfight between the two.

Because the argument was so important for both characters, Daryl Dixon used an illegal move on Rick. During their fight, they also managed to destroy the dynamite and the machines guns.

We’ve seen this type of fight before in movies like The Town or 2 Guns. When one man believes something more than the other, they use a method outside of the normal realm in a fight (in The Town, Jeremy Renner’s character pistol whips Ben Affleck’s character).

Because of this chokehold, we know Daryl Dixon will do whatever it takes to win. With that in mind, Rick Grimes may have to put him in jail to save the workers.

Do you think Rick and Daryl will see eye-to-eye by the next episode?

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