Do you Think Daryl Dixon Is The New Version Of THIS Character?


In “Better Angels,” Rick Grimes had to make the toughest decision of his life. Is Daryl Dixon is turning into Shane Walsh? What will Rick have to do in order to keep Daryl in line?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During “The Big Scary U,” tensions between Rick and Daryl grow to unprecedented levels. For several seasons now, the two have been as close as brothers. But when it comes to how to best handle the Saviors, they disagree.

Daryl is willing to risk a few workers’ lives in order to win the war.

Rick Grimes Kills His Friend, Shane Walsh

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back when Rick Grimes was forced to kill Shane Walsh, it was also due to a disagreement. Overall, Shane Walsh felt like he was a better leader for the group and a better father figure for the Grimes family.

Rick, of course, could not let his life be taken over by this other person. Despite their friendship and partnership during their time in the police force, Rick Grimes saw that the outbreak had changed his friend.

Because of this, Rick Grimes had to kill Shane. Now, Daryl Dixon is showing Rick similar signs of betrayal.

How Will Rick Handle Daryl Dixon?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick and Daryl found the dynamite, Daryl saw it as a way to end the war. Since the walkers are still surrounding the Sanctuary, the duo could simply blow a hole in the wall to let the walkers inside. That way, the people inside would surrender or die.

However, Rick Grimes knew this could potentially kill workers and their families. While we do not know Rick’s entire plan, this was certainly not part of it. Daryl disagreed so much that he pushed Rick, then punched him, and finally put him a chokehold.

Despite their disagreement, the fight was worse. Not only did Daryl prove that he would hurt Rick as if he were anybody else, but the fight caused the duo to destroy the dynamite and the machine guns.

Since Rick is now fighting for peace, it’s unlikely he would want to kill Daryl Dixon. But there’s a possibility that if their disagreements continue, Rick might have to put Daryl back in the jail cell that Morgan built.

Do you think these two will come to an agreement before it’s too late?

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