FINALLY… Norman Reedus Discusses “Daryl Being Gay” For The First Time Ever…


Is Daryl Dixon Actually Gay?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Aaron and Jesus turned out to be gay, fans of The Walking Dead started to once again question Daryl’s sexuality. The bow-hunting redneck that fans adore never really seems to give romance a chance.

At one point, it looked like he was going to settle down with Beth. He certainly loved her and proved that by risking his life for her several times. Then, of course, there’s his ongoing relationship with Carol.

Despite these attempts, many fans continue to think Daryl Dixon is gay. 

Frank Darabont Said Daryl Could Be Gay

Frank Darabont | Photo Credit Den of Geek

Beyond fan speculation, the original AMC creator Frank Darabont also thought about making Daryl Dixon gay. Since his character didn’t come from the comic series, the creators had more wiggle room with the character.

“There was a tie on the show where Frank [Darabont] was going to have me be gay, but he won’t admit,” confirmed actor Norman Reedus. “He referred to it as prison gay, and I didn’t know what that meant.”

Frank Darabont told Reedus this at an event back in 2010.

Robert Kirkman Sets Daryl’s Sexuality Straight

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Cosmic

“We were there and he said, ‘What do you think if we made Daryl gay?’ and I was like, ‘Let’s do it,’ said Reedus, but it never happened… I’m not against it and if it happened, I would be down for it.”

The Shawshank Redemption writer is no longer a part of the show and since Darabont’s comments, Robert Kirkman has tried to set the record straight. Basically, Kirkman wasn’t against the idea, but in fact, Daryl’s not gay.

Robert Kirkman said that Daryl is more “asexual” and he’s really just trying to find his place in this new world. Daryl is more concerned with his abilities and he’s fighting the urge to be a loner in hopes to stay part of the group.

Do you think this would change Daryl Dixon’s story arc?

  • Sissy Marshell Brooks

    Why does everything have to be gay or transgender stop already. If they make Daryl gay im just gonna stop watching twd so tired of tv political views on everything.. seriously stop… keep forcing your political views on people you’ll find out you won’t have a show

    • momz54

      I agree. Why can’t they just let Daryl be Daryl and quit trying to force the issue of his sexuality. they just had the Jesus reveal which was no secret either based on his comic book character. I think they have the gay roles covered. Let Daryl worry about Negan and not hooking up. Get so tired of this who issue.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree

  • momz54

    the article makes you think this information is like breaking news. This is old news. Norman addressed it years ago along with Kirkman and other producers on the show. Even though Norman said he’d go with whatever they wrote for him, it’s a mute point now and has been for a while. Quit trying to make him something he’s not. Seems like it pops up once a year and it’s been put to rest. geez

  • Dee Arnold

    What does it matter what sexuality Daryl is? I don’t want to know. He is loved by his group and his fans.


      i agree


    I love the show for what it is. A group of people trying to survive an apocalyptic world. I do not need life lessons on sexual preference. The show will lose a lot of female fans who adore Mr. Reedus. Which we know is a large population. Now as far as it being to gory. It is a show about zombies. If it is too much then watch another show that fits your desire.

  • Tony Molly Bledsoe

    I would like Daryl to be straight

  • Jo

    I don’t care I just love watching daryl do his thing he needs to be in season 8 more tho for my liking

  • Annie Detwiler

    This is not the first time Norman addressed the issue of Daryl being gay . He said years ago he would rock that part if they made Daryl gay . He will always be my hero no matter what

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