Daryl Dixon Is Actually The Reason Why Eugene Is Such A Coward…


Eugene Finally Feels Respected

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

In the finale, every character pretty much picked their sides. Surprisingly, for those hoping Eugene had one ounce of courage left in him, the answer is actually “No.” He’s just a remora swimming in the biggest shark’s slipstream, unbiased to whether or not good and evil prevails.

Despite seeing his best friend killed with a baseball bat, he can’t say “Yes” fast enough to Negan’s offer. In the Sanctuary, he can play video games and feels like he’s finally getting the respect he deserves.

In the comics, Eugene isn’t quite so weak. Maybe he’s so weak because Daryl…

Steals Eugene’s Storyline

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Robert Kirkman’s comic, Eugene is taken by the Saviors, but he doesn’t give in to Negan’s request so quickly. He resists the temptation and is eventually saved when some of the Saviors help him escape.

Daryl’s character, which isn’t in the comic, essentially took Eugene’s storyline. He was taken by Negan, resisted the chance to join the Saviors, and later escaped, with the help of the Saviors.

It’s unclear what might happen next with Eugene.

Will Rick Ever Welcome Back Eugene?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the finale, it’s clear that Negan believes someone helped Sasha kill herself and the thought she suffocated isn’t realistic. While he doesn’t say it, it’s clear he thinks Eugene was involved with her death.

Whichever side he is on, we do know that Eugene can hold up a lie. He lied to Rosita and Abraham when the outbreak first occurred, and kept that lie up when they met others and even when it put other people’s lives in danger.

Perhaps there’s still “good” in Eugene, but if Rick wins the war, it’s not clear what he will do with someone like Eugene. Will he treat him like the other Saviors or will he take him out, like they almost did with Rosita’s dynamite in the finale?

Eugene’s actions, which are the opposite of Daryl’s, will likely be the judge.

Do you think Rick should welcome Eugene back to Alexandria if they win?

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