The Loyalty Dilemma Between Daryl Dixon And Tara On The Walking Dead


After a 16-minute battle, the most recent The Walking Dead quickly transitioned to a handful of serious debates. Savior prisoner Alden reminded us that “Words are a lot easier to live with than actions,” but the most important conversation took place between Daryl Dixon and Tara.

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“You shouldn’t be out here,” said Daryl Dixon. The night before, the Saviors came and attacked Hilltop. Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this attack for the past five episodes, but there were two unexpected aspects to the first. First, Negan wasn’t there. Second, Dwight was back with the Saviors.

Because of Dwight’s changeover, Daryl Dixon and Tara had to discuss the issue of loyalty when it comes to battle, right and wrong, and their future. Daryl may never trust Dwight but Tara now believes him to be on the right side. Ironically, she believes this even though she’s got an arrow hole in her back.

Daryl Dixon And Tara Discuss Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It’s just a scratch,” said Tara, “I can help.” Daryl quickly fired back, “What if it wouldn’t?” Tara responded, “Then it would be my own damn fault.” At this point, Tara blames herself for trying to kill Dwight. If she hadn’t taken him off into the woods, then he would have been there.

Ironically, she needed to take him off into the woods so he could show his loyalty. Dwight gave himself up when trouble came and saved her life. If he hadn’t jumped out with his hands up, then the Saviors would have found Tara. She might have gotten one or two or them but they would have killed her.

“He’s back with them because of me,” she emphasized to Daryl. Daryl doesn’t really believe that. The night before, he watched Dwight follow behind Simon and then shoot an arrow in Tara’s back. The shot wasn’t a killing shot, but Daryl saw what he saw (and he likely doesn’t think Dwight is precise enough to miss her vitals).

“We got lucky,” said Tara. “Finding Maggie…Rick. It could have been different. It was for me.” At this point, Tara is looking off, thinking of her time with the Governor. After all, if Glenn hadn’t decided to spare her life, she too could have been killed. Plus, if the Governor had lived longer, she would likely be worse.

“You weren’t one of them,” said Daryl Dixon, trying to reason against her logic. “But I was with them,” she said. “Your brother [Merle], too.” Daryl then said if he had stuck with his brother, he likely would have become a Savior too. In the end, Daryl couldn’t help but bring up Denise.

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