Norman Wants Daryl Dixon To Trade His Crossbow For… This?!


Norman Reedus’ “Big” Request For TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Many cast members on The Walking Dead want big changes for their characters. Alanna Masterson and Katelyn Nacon want leadership roles. Khary Payton and Seth Gilliam want love interests. But Norman Reedus wants something smaller.

“I want a puppy. Give me a damn puppy already!” confirmed the actor. Norman Reedus wants a puppy to go with his crossbow and motorcycle. He needs a companion since he can’t seem to narrow down a love interest.

But Daryl Dixon will likely get a few other fun toys this season as well.

“Blowing Up Stuff With Bazookas”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I’d also like more scenes blowing up stuff with bazookas,” said Norman Reedus. This refers to the first time he met some of the Saviors. Abraham and Sasha appeared to be goners until he pulled out the big guns.

“Those are always fun. Certain characters are really connecting, and you know, those are my favorite scenes to do, so more of those, please. I like the fighting scenes. So less tears, more puppy,” confirmed Norman Reedus.

Perhaps this wish will one day come true.

Daryl And Rick Take Down Negan’s Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the meantime, Daryl Dixon is going to have to work with Rick Grimes to take down Negan. Based on the extended Comic-Con trailer, Rick leads the first attack and Daryl follows up with a few hundred bloodthirsty walkers.

This attack may mirror the Governor’s attack on Rick’s prison. Once they tear down the wall, they can let the walkers in to reek havoc. Based on the Sanctuary scenes last season, they may not be prepared for this attack.

Most of the Saviors are only there because they have to be. Many of their rules don’t even allow for the community members to carry guns. If walkers get into the Sanctuary, hundreds of Saviors could die.

Outside the walls, Rick and his crew will be ready to take down the others.

Do you think Norman Reedus will ever get the puppy he wants for Daryl?

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