Danai Gurira Discusses The Dilemma For Michonne To Help Daryl Dixon On TWD


“She understands what Daryl is trying to do. She gets that – the idea of wanting to make sure it’s done. That’s the thing she’s struggling with: sitting back at home and hoping it happens,” said actress Danai Gurira about Michonne’s decision.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the seventh episode of Season 8, Michonne, Rosita, and Tara had to decide what to do about Daryl Dixon’s plan. Essentially, if they went along with it, there was a chance that the innocent workers could be killed.

In the end, Michonne and Rosita made the decision not to help. But this was a major struggle for the character.

Danai Gurira On Michonne’s Difficult Decisions

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“She wants it done, but she also understands there are times when you go too far and you can mess up a well-thought out plan. She can’t participate in what Daryl is about to do,” said actress Danai Gurira.

“[Michonne] doesn’t condemn [Daryl Dixon] for it. She’s almost regretful that she can’t support him. It’s really true about being true to herself and her instincts in this very tender moment,” she said on an episode of Talking Dead.

Michonne couldn’t help Daryl Dixon and despite being a more difficult decision, she made the right decision.

Making The Right Decisions In Wartime 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the episode, Rick Grimes arrived to find a horrific scene. Not only was one of his snipers hanging dead from the water tower, but the walkers had vanished and the Saviors had escaped.

As Rick Grimes got a little closer, it was clear that not all of the Saviors had left. Near the Sanctuary, the remaining Saviors opened fire on Rick and the Heapsters. As usual, the Heapsters ran away to save themselves.

When Rick Grimes finally caught up with his people, most of them were hiding in the sewers. Rick ended up fighting with Negan briefly in his old house. Then, he ran into Michonne who was killing a Savior with her katana.

Logistically speaking, Michonne should have gone into the sewer with Rosita and the others to hide. But because she made a promise to baby Judith, she knew she had to go back and find Rick.

In the end, she made the right decisions, even though both were difficult.

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