“The Damned” Proves Something Major About Daryl Dixon… [SPOILER]


“Last floor, the guns gotta be up here,” said Rick Grimes. “He said they’d be here?” asked Daryl Dixon with a grunt. In this instant, it’s clear that Daryl Dixon still hates Dwight, but he soon adds fuel to the fire.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Everything else he passed you is checking out,” confirmed Rick Grimes. Just to be clear, Daryl Dixon adds, “That guy is a piece of sh*t.” 

There’s nothing that Dwight will be able to do to redeem himself to Daryl.

Later in “The Damned,” Daryl Dixon suffers from PTSD thanks to Dwight.

Daryl Dixon And Rick Grimes Search For Guns

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the final floor, Rick and Daryl split up to search for guns that Dwight promised would be in a certain location. As he carries his crossbow, Daryl appears to be in somewhat of an office building.

Alone, he opens a door and steps inside of a small room. There he finds two empty cans and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate. It’s hard to make out the can, but these are likely dog food sandwiches from another prisoner.

This, once again, reminds Daryl how much he hates Dwight. However, when the camera pans up, we something else that will upset Daryl.

Daryl Dixon Suffers From PTSD When…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to the remembrance of his time being tortured by the Saviors, Daryl also sees a handcuff and a stain on the ground. This likely reminds him of his brother Merle Dixon, who was handcuffed back in Season 1, where he had to cut off his hand.

In a way, Daryl Dixon almost starts to shake at this moment. We’ve never really seen any fear from Daryl, but that’s because he’s also had to prove himself. This is the first time we’ve seen Daryl Dixon alone, scared, and thinking of himself.

Even as a prisoner, he was thinking of the others and keeping up his guard for when Dwight or whoever opened the door to feed him. Now, however, he’s in a mental state that is clearly shaken to the core.

Hopefully, Daryl will snap out of it and save Rick before the others arrive.

Do you think Daryl will ever choose to kill Dwight?

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