The Writers Behind The Show Are Doing THIS In Every Episode For A Particular Reason…


The writers behind The Walking Dead have noted that fans wanted to see all of the characters this season. In the Season 8 premiere, this means showing each character, if only for a moment. One of our favorites is Jerry, played by Cooper Andrews.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As the camera pans through, we get to see Rick’s army preparing for battle. They’ve prepped their vehicles with tin walls to protect themselves from enemy fire. At this point, they’re waiting for Rick’s inspiring speech.

Enid and Jerry are talking next to a vehicle.

Cooper Andrews As Jerry On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Here, over your sternum,” said Jerry about an armored plate. Enid turns down the offer, but that doesn’t stop Jerry. With his ax over his shoulder and gun on his side, he insists. “Dude, sternum. Duuuuuuuude.”

With a smile, Enid takes the armor (hockey pads?) from Jerry. Everyone in The Kingdom wears pads like Jerry, including Morgan. Now, we get to see the groups working together and inspiring one another.

Hopefully, we’ll have lots more of these “Dude” interactions.

The Light-hearted Relief On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last year, it was pretty clear that fans loved Cooper Andrews as Jerry. The actor comes from another AMC series, called Halt and Catch Fire (as does Dr. Carson). His subtle ways played a hilarious contrast to the too serious King Ezekiel.

In the first scene, Jerry was an instant classic. Whether he was smiling, getting Carol to eat some fruits, or telling the King, “Deuces,” fans loved it. Now, we’re going to get to see some classic Jerry fighting.

Jerry is a big guy. When he swings that ax, you can tell there is some force behind it. In the trailer for the new season, we see he’s standing next to the King in one battle. Some fans even think that Jerry could die this season.

Other fans have expressed that they will riot if Jerry ever dies. It is difficult to have such a dark show, so it’s nice for a little comic relief. Jerry, like Tara, is a gentle warrior amongst the chaos.

Do you think we’re going to see a lot more Jerry this season on TWD?

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