Does THIS Overlooked Moment Confirm That The Next Kill Will Be…


Daryl Dixon has been a killing machine in Season 8, but is there a point where he will draw the line? Based on the fact that he kills Morales and the unarmed Savior in “Monsters,” we believe he will also kill Dwight.

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Like Aldo Raine from Inglorious Basterds, Daryl Dixon has developed a set of principles for this war. If you’re a Savior, that means you need to die. We first saw this with Fat Joey, but it’s true now more than ever.

Given that fact about his psyche, Daryl Dixon will likely kill Dwight on The Walking Dead.

Daryl Dixon May Kill Dwight Because…

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When Fat Joey was pleading for his life back in Season 7, Daryl Dixon revealed there ain’t no “getting by” here. If you’re a Savior, it’s because there’s something wrong with you.

Many of the Saviors are workers and feel like it’s their only chance for survival. We heard this same ol’ story when Morales had a gun on Rick Grimes as well. However, because he pointed a gun at Rick, that meant he had to go.

Daryl Dixon knew it was Morales and he still killed him.

Who Are The “Monsters” On TWD?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During “Monsters,” audiences can tell that Rick Grimes is struggling with his role in this new war. He’s unsure about his word, his actions, and whether or not all of the Saviors should be killed.

In the final minutes of the latest episode, he gives a man his word that he won’t kill him. We see Rick Grimes lower his gun, but Daryl Dixon moves forward with his gun raised. When the man thinks he is going to be safe, Daryl executes him.

Rick Grimes has a look on his face but doesn’t say anything to Daryl. He’s likely still unsure of what he should do with these Saviors in the grey area. Regardless, we are learning more and more about Daryl Dixon.

Because he killed Fat Joey, Morales and this unarmed man, we believe that Daryl Dixon will also kill Dwight after the war. As soon as he gets a chance, he is going to take down Dwight for his past.

The real problem, of course, is that he might also kill Eugene…

Do you think Daryl Dixon will kill Dwight this season?


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