Christian Serratos Discusses Rosita and Eugene on The Walking Dead


Eugene and Rosita have an interesting relationship on The Walking Dead.

In the beginning, Eugene was presented as the leadership, due to his potential answers, and Rosita fell for Abraham. Now, since it’s known that Eugene doesn’t have the talents he originally said, they’re more like brother and sister.

In the episode, “Service,” it would appear that Rosita was angry at Eugene. He is trying to rebuild a radio for the Saviors, and it would appear he’s falling back into that person who is afraid of everything.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rosita and Eugene on The Walking Dead

Actress Christian Serratos shined some light on the subject in an interview with Yahoo TV, after the episode premiered.

“Well, I don’t think [Rosita’s] necessarily angry with [Eugene]. I think she’s angry in general. I think that she’s upset — there’s lots to be angry about,” comments Serratos.

“We’re seeing it now, and whether that manifests itself in a positive way and propels her forward, or if it destroys her, we’ll find out this season.”

Serratos then discusses their relationship a little deeper. “Her relationship with Eugene is very interesting, because he’s somebody she’s always been in charge of. When Abraham was here, when it was Abraham’s army, Eugene was still her charge. I think she has this sort of love/hate, almost sibling-type of relationship with Eugene.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Sibling Rivalries and Beyond

In terms of siblings, it’s almost as if she had been the younger sister who idolized an older brother and then found out he was all talk. Within that dynamic, she is stepping up to be the leader of their small pack.

“I think a lot of the time, you know, as a human being, she feels like sometimes she doesn’t need somebody in the way,” recalls the actress. “She has a mission, she knows what she’s going to do when she leaves those gates. She knows that she’s going to have to go look for that gun, and she just doesn’t want to have to worry about the responsibility of keeping him alive when she has a mission to accomplish.”

This comments tell us a great deal about what might happen in the near future. Rosita may be stepping into a greater leadership role than we’ve ever seen before and that could mean great things or terrible things for Rick, given their current circumstances under Negan’s thumb.

Do you think Eugene is holding out on his feelings?

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