Look Closely For This Insane Detail In This Scene That Dozens Of Fans “Appreciated”…


It’s no surprise that the walkers on The Walking Dead look horrific, gruesome and cool all at the same time. This, at least in part, is thanks to special effects and makeup professional, Greg Nicotero.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the past few years, Greg Nicotero has been known as more of a director than a make-up artist, but he’s still the man behind the walkers. Thanks to Nicoteor, we’ve seen everything from half bodies to full decay to ocean dwellers at Oceanside.

Now, his talents are really getting put to good use.

Greg Nicotero New Season 8 Walkers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the image above, we see the lonesome walker. Carol and Morgan are preparing to take down a handful of scout Saviors when this loner walker makes his way towards their boobie trap. 

Luckily, the duo sees this in time. Morgan, staff/spear in hand, makes his way down the stairs and over to the lone walker. With a quick swing, he takes down the walker. 

Thankfully, he’s also able to duck and cover before anyone sees him so the plan continues. 

Season 8 Premiere Breaks Walker Record

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the end, it’s hard to think of a time where we saw more walkers than in the Season 8 premiere. Based on the images, it’s likely these are all stunt people and extras rather than CGI.

However, in the zoom out shot when it shows hundreds of walkers entering the Sanctuary, there could also be some computer-animated sections. We also saw this last year during the Michonne-Rick weedwacker scene. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Among the many walkers in the newest episode, our favorite is perhaps the burned walker. This walker makes his debut in the beginning, when Rick, Morgan, and Daryl are taking out the Savior lookouts. 

Daryl and Morgan kill their lookouts in an instant, but Rick Grimes seems to want for his to suffer. Rick stabs the man, who falls to the ground. But as he backtalks, Rick decides to let this burned walker eat him. 

This is the first step of Rick Grimes becoming more vindictive. 

What do you think of these new walkers on The Walking Dead?

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