This Is The 2d Biggest [SPOILER] That Shocked Fans….


“Get up. Back away from that thing,” said Dwight to Eugene. In The Walking Dead episode “Time for After,” Eugene and Dwight officially switched sides. Sure, it has looked that way before, but their actions now match their intentions.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the beginning of the episode, Eugene confronts Dwight in the Sanctuary. Despite his words, Dwight sits him down to talk. “You don’t have blood on your hands yet, but that’s coming,” he said.

Ironically, Dwight is actually turning good as Eugene starts to become more evil.

True Shapeshifters On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the episode, Dwight gets the drop on Eugene. On the roof, Eugene has created a potential way to scare off the walkers. With a gun to the back of his head, Eugene talks about taking his chances in order to save the many.

Surprisingly, Dwight decides not to kill Eugene. Instead, he allows for Eugene to let his odd little flyer take flight above a few thousand walkers. Instead of killing him, he decides to shoot down the flyer.

At this point, it would appear that Dwight is making all of the right decisions. A moment later, however, something in Eugene snaps and makes him change too.

The Dead Finally Overtake The Living

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the ground floor, Daryl Dixon finishes his plan to blow a hole in the Sanctuary. Once Morgan confirms that the coast is clear, Daryl and Tara head off and run back to Alexandria.

Inside, Dwight and Eugene run down to find a nightmare. Various lieutenants make their way up the stairs and light up the walkers. The fallen walkers create a temporary barricade so the majority of the Saviors can get to higher ground.

Meanwhile, Eugene watches from above. As he sees everyone pile in and kill more people, anger overcomes him. At this point, he decides to run back to Father Gabriel so he can yell at someone and pledge his allegiance to Negan.

“The answer is no! Your invite is declined. I will not end up like Sasha or you. You both made your choices,” said Eugene. Through his screams, Negan is consciously deciding that he is now officially a Savior.

Meanwhile, Dwight made the decision not to kill Eugene even though he has had the chance several times now. With that respect, these two characters have no officially switched sides.

Do you think Rick Grimes and his army will have to kill Eugene?


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