Nabila Is Back To TWD, But THIS Turning Point Could Mean She Lost All Faith In The…


“You can tear it out; hand-cut it down; you can burn it and throw it all away,” said Nabila. “But if you want, it can all grow back.” In Season 7, The Walking Dead introduced their first Muslim character.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Nabila, a Kingdommer, arrived to tell King Ezekiel about a problem with the vegetation. In her description, she detailed a metaphor for a hopeful future. After the metaphor, Shiva the tiger startled the new character.

The news is not so good in Season 8.

The Walking Dead Introduces Muslim Character

In the beginning of “Some Guy,” King Ezekiel is rallying the troops. Among his people, Nabila stands and listens to her King. After a quick chat with young Henry (Benjamin’s brother), he spoke to the others.

“We face dire challenge and chance,” said King Ezekiel. “Our lives—our way of life—it hangs in the balance. A fragile glass, standing on the wire,” said the King, before rattling off a series of metaphors to describe their future battle.

“And yet I smile,” said King Ezekiel. “We will fight and we will bleed,” said the King while Nabila nodded along in the crowd.

The Kingdommers Follow “Some Guy”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Things turned sour in the real battle. It appeared that the King’s men were all safe at the end of “Monsters,” but then the King saw something. A machine gun took out most of his men from a sniper’s tower.

Then, in the beginning of “Some Guy,” we caught up with the King who appeared to be the last survivor. One of his soldiers helped him to his feet, but then he too was killed by a lone Savior.

Luck struck once more when Jerry saved King Ezekiel from this fate again. Then, of course, the two were stuck once more. Carol came to their rescue, but the King’s faith was clearly shaken.

In the end, the King lost Shiva the tiger and many of his people in the battle. This is terrible news for the Kingdommers, especially because they had all of their faith in a false idol that fell.

Do you think Nabila lost all of her faith in the Kingdom?

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