Chandler Riggs Makes Devastating Statement About The Show


“That definitely sucked, knowing that I was going to have to say goodbye to all the cast and crew,” said Chandler Riggs to Entertainment Weekly. “The crew especially, because a lot of them have been there since day 1.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Chandler Riggs said he will always see the cast at comic-con events and other promotional weekends, but not the crew. The crew works behind the scenes to make sure everything looks authentic, while still being safe for the actors.

“I definitely don’t regret any moment of it at all,” said the young actor.

Chandler Riggs Talks Plans

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Surprisingly, Chandler Riggs sees this pending death for his character as a positive point. A lot of publications are running with the comments his father made about showrunner Scott Gimple lying to them, but Riggs seems content.

“Ultimately, in terms of my career and my life, it’s definitely going to be for the better and I’m really excited to see what’s to come,” said the man behind Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead.

Currently, he’s already landed a movie and plans on creating an album.

Young Actor Looks To Promising Future

Chandler Riggs | Photo Credit Daily Mail

After spending half of his life as Carl Grimes, the young actor really has a new chance to start over. Since he’s only 18 years (and everyone knows him), he’ll have an opportunity to land new television or film roles.

According to IMDB, Chandler Riggs has a role in the new film, Inherit the Viper, which also stars Josh Hartnett and Margarita Levieva. Riggs will star as one of three siblings in Appalachia who gets by as a local opioid dealer until things take a turn for the worst.

The current rumor is that Chandler Riggs may be a candidate for the next season of Stranger Things. Given the mass popularity of the two shows, this is something fans would certainly love to see.

Then again, this online rumor could only be stirring because of newcomer Dacre Montgomery’s ridiculous 80s haircut in Stranger Things Season 2. Many compared the two actors hairstyles before Riggs got a trim. Either way, we love to hear a good rumor and hope this fan theory comes to life.

Where do you think Chandler Riggs might also make a cameo?

  • Cherie Berglund-Phelps

    He will be missed.the show won’t be the same.

    • Deborah Payton

      There’s no longer at show.
      Whats the purpose now.

      • rustynail1960

        Agreed. To me, the show WAS Rick and Carl. I will watch the next episode, and watch him go, then I am gone also.

  • Yvonne Hill

    I miss you already

  • Megan Smith

    I will miss you! I am a fan since day 1 of the show and will continue to be until the end.

  • LeNita Johnson

    I’m very disappointed with the decision of letting you go. Not ready! I wish you sll the best but I’ve also decided to stop watching the show, they always talk about keeping close to the comic which id why i didnt read it,so eith this way off deviation i don’t feel they did you any justice or the fans sooo…yeah,

  • Kim Hill

    Best of luck !

  • Jackie Bowman

    Best of luck to you Chandler in your new venture of life. You will be missed by so many.

  • Nita Adams

    Chandler we all will miss you so much. Blessings,good health and much success

  • Renee Mcdougalshirley

    I hope the best for Chandler. My 11 year old granddaughter loved him. I wished she could have meet him

  • Oralee Elford

    Chandler Riggs you will be greatly missed!!! I wish you well on your next adventure!!! Thanks for letting us watch you grow up on the show!! You were great!!!

  • cjcharlie

    I will miss his character Carl Grime but I wish the actor nothing but happiness and good wishes on his new endeavours.

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