Chandler Riggs Gives Heartwrenching Insight Into Ep. 7… “Carl Was On A Suicide Mission…”


Riggs is opening up about what it took for the bold move in Episode 7. 

In Sing Me a Song, Carl got up close and personal with Negan in the Sanctuary after hiding in one of the supply trucks.

Despite killing two of Negan’s men, Carl has yet to be harmed by Negan, despite Negan’s many rules and regulations. Instead, Negan tried to emotionally break Carl. As such, he made Carl remove his bandage and then burned a man’s face in front of the boy to showcase his power.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl Continues to Fight in The Walking Dead

The most interesting aspect, however, is that Carl doesn’t really give up despite Negan’s many efforts to break him. He cries a little about his eye, but he doesn’t ever show any sign of fear despite what might happen to him. Negan actually teaches Carl to wear his injury as a badge of courage.

In regards to filming the episode, Chandler Riggs sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the episode. “Jeffrey [Dean Morgan] is such a cool guy,” said Riggs. “It’s easy to play off him because he does such an amazing job. I’ve been looking forward to this storyline for years now because I’m a big fan of the comics and to finally get to make this come to life was really cool.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Riggs on Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Riggs continued, “The hardest part to endure was the extreme makeup rounds [due to Carl’s missing eye]. The first couple of test runs we did took like three to four hours to put it all on and we were able to get it down to an hour each day.”

The young actor then discussed Carl’s suicide mission and some thoughts he may have had before arriving at the Sanctuary. “The moment he left, he knew it was a suicide mission because he didn’t expect to survive. He didn’t expect to kill Negan; he thought he’d either be taken prisoner or be killed. He was prepared to sacrifice his life to kill Negan.”

With Carl on board, the others will have to feel similarly in order to truly take down Negan next season. Will you be watching?


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