Chandler Riggs Looks Back At Shooting His “Death Scene”


“Shooting the scene with Avi was really fun, because Avi hadn’t done a combat scene in the show before. He was super excited to get to throw around walkers,” said Chandler Riggs about his potential death scene.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans were excited to see a new character on The Walking Dead, but it could mean the end of an iconic character. When Carl Grimes met Saddiq, the two hit it off because of their values, but these values put Carl on his deathbed.

“They’re cut from the same cloth,” said Avi Nash about the duo.

Maybe Chandler Riggs Didn’t Know Carl’s Fate

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Unfortunately, during this interview with Avi Nash and Chandler Riggs, fans watching Talking Dead had to no idea of the finale. In fact, no one ever thought Carl Grimes would die on the hit AMC series.

But fans now know that Carl Grimes may be the next person to die on the zombie drama. Showrunner Scott Gimple said that the bite will play out the way that bites play out on the show.

So what will this mean for the future of the show and Saddiq’s character?

Dealing With The Man Who Got Carl Killed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If Carl Grimes dies, he did so as a martyr. In the last eight episodes, Carl has become the humanitarian of the undead world. Even after Rick Grimes scared off Saddiq, Carl found a way to help the stranger.

If Carl dies, it’s unclear how the others will handle the death. Rick Grimes obviously will have the most trouble, but there are other issues to consider. Many of these issues go back to the initial debate of how to handle strangers.

Back in the day, Rick Grimes used to ask questions, but now he just runs people off or kills them. Carl Grimes reignited the three questions with Saddiq, so perhaps this new character will start using them again.

Most importantly, how will the other characters deal with Saddiq? There’s one scene in the Season 8B trailer where we see Saddiq and Daryl in the woods, walking through a small river. Perhaps these means they’ll accept the new guy.

Perhaps Rick and his crew will also accept Carl’s final wishes and be more accommodating to new people.

How do you think Rick and Daryl will deal with Saddiq?


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