Chandler Riggs Discusses Judith’s Real Father Shane On The Walking Dead


There are a lot of father figures for Carl this season on The Walking Dead. Negan has taken the boy under his wing, but the biggest confirmed surprise comes from the revelation that Shane is actually the father of Carl’s little sister, Judith.

Several emotional moments occurred this season on AMC’s The Walking Dead. But when Rick let Michonne in, and said he knew Shane was actually Judith’s father, that was perhaps the most emotional situation in the season thus far.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Judith’s Father Shane

The former sheriff revealed that Judith’s true father was most likely Shane. He then told Michonne about his past life, Shane and Lori’s relationship, and how they both died before he met her.

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, has some insider insights on how all this affects The Walking Dead characters and story lines. Since he’s grown up, Chandler Riggs feels his character understands that Shane is the true father of his half-sister Judith.

“I kind of think he already knows,” Riggs confirmed on Talking Dead. “He assumed that Judith isn’t Rick’s [daughter]. He knows that Shane and Lori were together while his dad was in a coma.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Heartbreaking Truth

The irony is now Negan is telling Carl about sexuality, wives, and the birds and the bees. Riggs’ reaction to Negan, and Judith being Shane’s baby is, “This is just awkward.”

Rick described this heartbreaking truth to Michonne where he also revealed how much love he felt for the girl that wasn’t actually his. Despite not having a biological connection, he see Judith as his daughter.

“He has the same attitude his dad has towards it,” said Riggs about Carl’s relationship with Judith. “For him, he has a lot more relation to her than he does to Rick. He does still feel that brotherly responsibility, even though he’s only her half-brother,” confirmed the young actor.

Unless the series skips ahead and continues for years to come, we may never see a reaction from Judith about this complicated scenario. But it’s likely that Rick and Carl will never bring it up again since they’ve accepted the girl as their own.

Do you think it matters that Rick isn’t Judith’s biological father and Shane is?

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