Chandler Riggs Makes Unexpected Confession That Explains What Carl Will Do Next In The War…


Carl Grimes On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In The Walking Dead, Season 7B, audiences haven’t seen much of Carl Grimes. For fans that have watched Chandler Riggs grow up on camera, this is a little daunting, but hopefully, Carl will get some more screen time very soon.

Chandler Riggs revealed that Carl Grimes is “fed up with people telling him what to do, taking his stuff and not standing by their word… Carl has experienced a lot throughout the entire series.”

Riggs is happy to see the gang finally fighting back against Negan.

Getting The Numbers Against Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl is ready for war and Rick is finally doing whatever it takes to unite the various communities. In the premiere, Rick Grimes met with the king and now everyone is starting to come together and prepare for battle.

“I think it’s a numbers game,” said Riggs. “It’s obvious that the Saviors have a lot more people under their control than just three communities. So, the influence is really big, and they’re obviously willing to shut down any sign of defiance in any group, but the more Negan takes from them and the more the Saviors abuse these communities, I think the more lenient and willing they’ll become to join Rick and fight.”

Outside of battle, Carl Grimes is also starting to fall for Enid.

Carl Grimes And Enid

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl Grimes and Enid have gone through a lot of the same hurdles on The Walking Dead. Enid has lost both of her parents and Carl has lost his mother. As these two try to grow up during the apocalypse, it’s natural that they found one another.

“I think Carl can relate a lot to her even though his situation hasn’t been as severe. They also both want the same thing: for Negan to be gone,” said the actor. Hopefully, they’ll get what they want very soon.

Do you think Carl will help Rick unite the troops later in the season?

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