Only 10% Of Fans Noticed This “Hidden” Message In The Latest Episode


So far in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, we’ve seen various homages to deceased characters. From Maggie holding Glenn’s watch, to Tara thinking of Denise, our heroes are hurting. In the latest episode, both sides are missing Sasha.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of Season 7, Sasha made the ultimate sacrifice and went out on her own terms. Like Abraham’s death, which was equally empowering, it meant volunteering to be the one in the line of fire.

Both Eugene and Rosita honored Sasha in “Time for After.”

Remembering Sasha On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the Sanctuary, Eugene has traded his labor for booze to help him get by. In Eugene’s past, there’s no history of alcoholism but his moral decisions are catching up with him in more ways than one.

While trying to fix a boombox (in exchange for wine), he comes up with an idea. In a storage area, Eugene heads over to the find the casket that Sasha was previously in so he can extract an iPod.

After he found the casket, he couldn’t help but think about what he had done.

Rosita Remembers Sasha, But She Can’t…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to Eugene’s nightmare-like tribute, Rosita also honored Sasha. While Daryl Dixon and Tara were trying to convince Michonne and Rosita to attack the Sanctuary in a sneak attack, we learned something new about our hero.

Last season, Rosita was willing to do anything to kill the Saviors. After watching her friend die, however, she’s changed her mind. Sasha is no longer willing to risk her life when all she really needs to do is be patient.

For Rosita, this was a difficult lesson that cost her the life of her friend. In addition to watching her friend die, she also must be thinking that Sasha saved her life by making her stay outside the fence.

Unfortunately, her need for patience wasn’t convincing enough for Tara and Daryl Dixon to stop their attack. Now, it’s unclear if Rick’s plan has been compromised as we prepare for the season finale.

Did you notice any other homages this season on The Walking Dead?

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