This One Conversation From The Midseason Premiere Means EVERYTHING For Rick’s War…


Benjamin Finds Carol In The Woods

After Rick Grimes speaks with the King, we follow Benjamin in the woods. Outside of his training with Morgan, Benjamin is trying to improve his tolerance for battle.

But when he finds Carol…

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Carol Shows Hostility Towards Benjamin

For Benjamin’s POV, it’s unclear if Carol’s silhouette is friend or foe. When he speaks to her, it’s still relatively unclear. 

Carol is hostile with Benjamin because…

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Carol Lowers Her Gun, Eventually

There’s a reason that Carol isn’t in the Kingdom and it’s because she wants to be alone. Benjamin apologizes for thinking Carol was a walker, but she asks why he doesn’t just turn and run. “I’m training – pushing myself,” responds Morgan’s protege. Carol tells the boy to put the safety back on his gun. 

Carol rolls her eyes because…

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Carol Thinks Benjamin’s Training Is Useless

As a survivor, Carol doesn’t believe in the naivety of the Kingdom. She sees them wearing hockey pads on horses and only rolls her eyes. “Let me give you some advice. It’s going to be dark soon. Don’t wander around out here on your own. You’re going to get yourself killed,” said Carol.

Ben thinks this applies to both of them, but Carol really means “dark” as in danger, where she thinks he’ll likely die when trouble arrives…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol Reveals, “You’re Not Me, Go Home…”

Benjamin offers her food and then reveals that the King will continue to look out for her because he cares about her. The reason this is vital to Rick’s war is because “There’s not a lot of us left [and] we have to help each other.” This mindset is what will make the King eventually join Rick’s side for the battle against Negan.

Do you think the King will help Rick remove the “Rock in the Road?”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

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