Fans Now Think The NEXT Walking Dead Couple Will Be…


While it’s not the classic will-they-won’t-they sitcom love story, there’s certainly something between Carol Peletier and King Ezekiel. But despite their connection, it might be too late for the potential couple.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol Peletier asked the King why he kept coming to see her, before the war. After he gave a generic answer about his duty, she asked again. This time, he told her the truth about their relationship.

Essentially, she made the King feel real, rather than “fiction.” But now, it’s possible that he’s gone down a dark road he can’t return from.

Carol Peletier Wants To Inspire The King

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Not only has King Ezekiel lost the bulk of his army, but he also had to watch Shiva the tiger die. If that’s not enough, he has somewhat of a survivor’s guilt since he, Jerry, and Carol were the other survivors.

For Ezekiel, he believes that he led those soldiers to their death. Essentially, this is true. Because he created this false persona, those troops were willing to follow him into any troubling situation.

Now, he’s questioning the things that made him a “King” and why anyone would have ever trusted him in the first place.

A Kingdom Without A Leader

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Perhaps the worst news for the King is that Carol Peletier is the type of person to go off on her own. If he believes that she is going to come back and keep trying to cheer him up, he’s got another thing coming.

In reality, Carol is the type of person to make things happen on her own. Despite crying during their last conversation together, she knows she has a mission. She needs to do something to fight off the Saviors.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Kingdom appears to be hopeless. Through Jerry, we see that these other chess pieces do not know how to act without their leader. If the King doesn’t regain his crown, it could mean the end of the Kingdom.

Do you think Ezekiel will step up and find a way to fight with Carol?

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