Carol Peletier Faces Life Saving Decision In THIS Standoff, But Did She…


On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, it looks like Carol Peletier is between a rock and a hard place. As she sneaks around the Saviors’ compound, there are soldiers on both sides of her.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At first, she kneels down behind some boxes to hide. Meanwhile, she’s listening to the men talk about their machine guns. A moment later, we hear gunshots as debris falls from the ceiling.

As the dust settled, Carol slowly climbed down from the rafters.

Carol Peletier Takes Out Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the episode, Carol Peletier follows the men outside. From there, she plans her attack. Unfortunately, some of the other Saviors realize she’s coming and it nearly costs Carol her life.

Luckily, she quickly comes up with a plan. As the man approaches her with a gun, we see Carol put on her weak face once more. As she plays the housewife, she pulls her knife and unleashes some walkers on the others.

Carol kills one man and the walkers take out the others after she opens the gate to let them in. Her real decision comes next.

Carol’s Major Decision On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol Peletier gets in a standoff with the Saviors who have possession of the machine guns. At this point, she needs to decide whether she is going to save King Ezekiel and Jerry or get the guns.

At this point, it’s unclear what Carol should choose. On one hand, she wants to save her friends and possible love interest. On the other hand, the guns will help Rick and the gang win the war.

Carol leaves the guns and heads over to save King Ezekiel and Jerry. At the fence, she shoots through and clears a path so the two have some breathing room. Then, she unlocks the gate.

At the same time, Rick Grimes and Daryl fly by the outpost. Thanks to the information they learned from the lone Savior at their compound, they knew where to head to find the big guns.

In the first real car chase on The Walking Dead, Rick and Daryl get the guns.

Do you think Carol made the right decision by saving King Ezekiel and Jerry?

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