Here Are The Most Shocking Walking Dead Moments To Date


Over the years, The Walking Dead has done its best to shock audiences. But the most shocking moments often come from the people on the show, whether it’s the Governor, Glenn Rhee, or Carl Grimes.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Some of the most shocking moments revolve around children. Audiences were shocked to see that the Governor had kept his daughter tied up as a walker. This also goes back to Rick’s first walker kill, a little girl walker at a gas station.

Then there’s Sophia Peletier in Hershel’s barn.

Shockers Leading Up To Carl Grimes Bite

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Besides the children walkers and pet walkers, the next shockers come from the infamous deaths on the show. From Dale and Tyreese, to Glenn Rhee, the show is more than willing to kill off main characters.

During the first death of Glenn Rhee, the writers made it look like Glenn died underneath a dumpster. They even went so far as to remove the actor’s name from the credits.

This turned out to be a fake out. Glenn’s real death was equally shocking as many fans thought he dodged a bullet when Negan killed Abraham.

The Most Shocking Moment So Far…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite all of these shocking moments over the years, the Carl Grimes walker bite is perhaps the most unnerving. No one suspected for Carl Grimes to die on the show, which even included the actors.

Chandler Riggs had agreed to do another three seasons of The Walking Dead and had just bought a house in the area. Instead, the writers decided to kill off his character in order to alter the universe for Rick Grimes and the others.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) had even gone on record saying they believed Carl Grimes would be the last man standing. Now, that role is left open for another.

We’re a few months away from the second half of Season 8, but when the series returns, we’re going to see a little more of Carl Grimes. After all, he’s already made it three episodes with a walker bite, so he’s got a little more screen time left in him.

Do you think Carl Grimes walker bite was the most shocking moment yet?

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