If You Watched This Scene Closely, You May Have Made This Same Prediction For Carl


“It was my dad,” said Carl Grimes with food in his hand. “They were warning shots above your head. He wasn’t shooting at you.” On the latest The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes proves he’s going to be a much different leader than Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Reluctantly, Saddiq introduced himself to this man who he thought nearly got him killed. In the past episode, Carl Grimes was looking to make peace when Rick Grimes showed up, expectant for war.

Carl then used a combination of Rick’s previous three questions and his own need to help people.

Carl Grimes Decides It’s Time To Help

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“You were talking about something your mom said—about helping people,” said Carl Grimes. “My mom told me that you’ve got to do what is right.” Together, these two men are honoring their parents.

Carl then made it clear that it’s not always obvious when it comes to making the right decision. What he meant by this is that helping a fellow man who is alone in the woods.

Then, Carl tossed his new friend some supplies and water. Beyond the peace offering, he needed to ask him three questions.

237 Walkers, 1 Person, Because…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Saddiq then told Carl Grimes that he had killed 237 walkers and 1 person, but it appeared to be a mercy kill. “The dead tried to kill him, but they didn’t,” said Saddiq, possibly talking about his father.

The new character’s real story comes from his mother’s beliefs. Essentially, he said that his mother believed killing the walkers could free their souls. This is a unique view that we haven’t heard before on the show.

More than likely, Saddiq was getting himself in a position where death was inevitable. Alone in the woods, without food, and trying to kill as many walkers as possible, his days were numbered.

Luckily, Carl Grimes has decided to be a different leader than his father. In many ways, it’s easier not to go looking for people. It’s easier to lock yourself up and stop trusting people.

However, Carl Grimes is not going to be the leader that takes it easy. He even risked his life in order to help Saddiq honor his mother. “I’m responsible for you now,” said Carl. 

What do you think of Carl Grimes’ new leadership skills?

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