Here’s The Crazy Carl Conspiracy Theory That Just Went Viral


Fans were floored to see Carl Grimes lift his shirt and reveal a bite mark on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. As we all know, there’s no way to survive a walker bite to the torso, but is this definitely a walker bite?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

By the end of the episode, Carl Grimes was walking around sick as if he had the flu. At first, audiences couldn’t tell if he had just injured himself falling off the ladder or if the explosion had given him a headache.

Down in the sewer, it looked like the end for Carl Grimes. However, one fan pointed out there’s one other possibility.

Carl Grimes, Father Gabriel, and The Whisperers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick Grimes brought the Scavengers to the Sanctuary, he found a dead sniper hanging from the water tower. Comic book fans knew this death was an homage to the way that Father Gabriel died in the comic book.

In the comic book, Father Gabriel fell and was caught upside down on the stairs. One of the Whisperers walked up to him and gutted the Priest. Then, the walkers fed off of the remains of the man as he died an agonizing death.

On AMC, it looked like this person also died in the same fashion. In addition, his face had been removed which makes us believe it was a whisperer who took the face.

Could This Bite Actually Come From…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

If you’re unfamiliar with this new enemy, the whisperers walk around wearing the skin of the dead. They murmur and move like the undead so they can walk around without giving away their location or revealing they’re actually alive.

Since we know that someone took this sniper’s face, we believe it could be the first sign of the whisperers. Therefore, Carl Grimes could have gotten bit by a walker that wasn’t actually a real walker.

His sickness could be explained by something like the flu from the prison episodes, radiation poisoning like Father Gabriel, or just pure exhaustion. Either way, there’s a small chance that Carl Grimes bite came from a person and not a zombie.

Do you think there’s any truth in this possibility?

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