Here’s What May Actually Be In Carl’s Letter To Rick


“You hope the guy makes it,” said Carl Grimes to his father. In a flashback scene, we’re reminded that Carl and Rick Grimes didn’t agree about how to handle Siddiq. On the open road, the two discussed hope versus action.

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“[Hope] is not enough. If you give a sh*t…” said Carl Grimes before his father stopped him. “If you care, you do something. You don’t just hope. It takes more than that.”

Later, when we saw Carl writing his father a letter, viewers thought it was more of this conversation. We now know that Carl was writing to tell his father goodbye…

Carl Grimes Wrote A Letter To Say…

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There’s no scene in the finale where Carl Grimes is near a walker. Therefore, he must have gotten bitten before, while trying to save Siddiq. In fact, some fans even said they saw his facial reaction and the showrunner confirmed this close-up.

In the finale, Michonne discovered that Carl was packing a bag. At first, this looked like it was meant for Siddiq. But there’s a chance that Carl Grimes was packing a bag for himself so he could leave and die in peace.

How Will Rick Grimes Deal With This Death?

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When Carl Grimes went to speak to Negan, the dialogue is littered with his goodbyes and his acceptance of death. While he doesn’t want to die, he knew that he would soon die, which is why he decided to also sacrifice himself to Negan.

In the finale, Michonne saw some walkers coming through the gate when she decided not to go down into the sewer. This made many fans think Carl got bit in the finale, but he actually got saving Saddiq.

Carl literally died for his beliefs. The “hope” speech in the beginning of the episode is Carl’s humanitarian effort to change the future. It’s unclear how Rick Grimes will now treat Siddiq, but Carl’s death will certainly change him.

Thanks to Morales and Baby Gracie, Rick Grimes had already begun to become more peaceful. With the death of his son, he will completely change.

Do you think we’ll hear a Carl Grimes letter voiceover in the second half of Season 8?


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