Will Enid Take Over The Carl Grimes Storyline On The Walking Dead?


“Maggie has always been someone that Enid has looked up to, but I think recently Maggie’s way of leadership has started to change as well. It’s a lot more forceful,” said actress Katelyn Nacon on an episode of Talking Dead. With so much going on, it’s possible that Enid could actually take over the Carl Grimes storyline.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Sasha died, fans were thinking that Enid would likely take over the right-hand role for Maggie at Hilltop. But based on the past two episodes, there’s a chance she no longer agrees with Maggie’s new path. “I think it’s starting to change Enid’s point of view of her and her leadership,” said the actress.

Katelyn Nacon is considering Enid’s thoughts on Maggie, Oceanside, and the future when she finds out the truth about Carl’s death.

Enid May Take On Carl Grimes’ Peaceful Warrior Role

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Basically, the actress said that Enid is going to start thinking on her own rather than just following everyone else. “I think that’s one of the main reasons she went off with Aaron, because she believed what he was talking about [versus] what was going on in Hilltop.”

In addition to thinking for herself, she also experienced her first non-walker kill. It seemed like an accident, but when Enid killed Natania, she seemed to process the consequences very quickly.

She also used logic to save her and Aaron’s lives when confronted by the kill.

Re-creating A Love Story With The Whisperers

The Whisperers | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic book, the next storyline will involve the Whisperers. After Rick Grimes wins the war with Negan, a new enemy arrives. The Whisperers wear the skin of the dead and move around like walkers. The next war eventually slows down when Carl Grimes falls in love with the daughter of the Whisperer’s leader. Clearly, this storyline won’t happen on AMC but it’s possible someone else could take over this role.

One option might be Daryl Dixon but another could be Enid. Either way, we’re looking forward to how Enid will continue to grow on the series.

Do you think Enid can take over as the new Carl Grimes?


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