Here’s The Next Biggest “Prediction” About Negan In Season 8


Over the past few years, fans have wondered if The Walking Dead could get out of their funk. Essentially, Rick Grimes and company find a community, then they’re attacked, then they have to find another community. But will the pending death of Carl Grimes mean that Negan finally takes over?

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

The most likely end to the show would be Rick Grimes dying and then Carl Grimes taking over as the new leader. The show could essentially go on for years like this, but after the mid-season finale, that doesn’t seem to be the case. With Carl Grimes on his way out, is Rick Grimes going to die next?

Andrew Lincoln has made several comments about leaving the show in a worthy way. With Morgan going to Fear and Carl Grimes on his deathbed, perhaps he will leave in the next 1-2 seasons.

If that happens, who could lead the show?

Negan Takes Charge On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

It’s hard to picture Daryl Dixon as a true leader of the series. Sure, he’s great at being Daryl, but he’s no Rick. Then, of course, there’s the possibility of Michonne, Carol, or Maggie leading, but none of these characters have been given much screentime recently to take over.

Therefore, Negan may ironically be the most qualified to be the star of the show. When Jeffrey Dean Morgan agreed to be on the series, he was probably thinking long-term versus a quick death. Since his character doesn’t die in the comic book during the war, perhaps he could carry the weight if Rick did actually die.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Born To Lead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In order for this hypothetical to actually happen, it would mean doing a lot more work to humanize Negan as the main character. It’s clear that AMC and Scott Gimple love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his portrayal of the character. It’ll be up to the fans to stop this or to eventually accept it…

This theory is hard to stomach for now, but if things keep going down this rabbit hole, we could be rooting for Negan in a few seasons…

Do you think AMC would ever consider making Negan the lead on The Walking Dead?


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