Did Carl Grimes Die Before He Knew The Truth About His Sister Judith?


Not long ago, Rick Grimes told Michonne that he thought Shane Walsh was Judith’s real father. Now that Carl Grimes is gone, some fans are wondering if he ever knew this truth about his little sister. Or, did he die not knowing the truth?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl Grimes was at the age that his father could have been straight with him, but there hasn’t been a scene where the two talked about Judith. Then again, it could be something that Rick never wanted to discuss, other than to tell Michonne once.

Either way, it seems strange he never knew the truth. This could have changed the way he thought about Shane and perhaps even his dad.

Carl Grimes, Rick, Shane, And Lori

Carl and Lori Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The first few seasons of The Walking Dead focused on the relationship between Lori and Rick, but also the relationship between Rick and Shane. Of course, there was also a relationship between Shane and Lori (hence the complication).

Back then, there was also a problem with Shane and Carl. Rick Grimes did not want his father to listen to a man who was starting to become evil. In the end, part of the reason Shane had to die was because of Carl.

Rick thought he had to protect his son. But, as Carl grew older, he should have learned the truth about Shane, Lori, and his kid sister Judith.

Whether Or Not Carl Knew The Truth…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When fans watched final episode of Carl Grimes, they started to wonder if he had known the truth about his sister. The duo spent the day together after Carl patched up his bite, but it’s unclear if he knew the truth.

Then again, based on Carl’s state of mind, it’s possible that he wouldn’t have cared either way. Carl Grimes saw a harmony in the world that no on else had seen in a long time.

Not only did he preach about peace, but he even forgave Negan. More than likely, he would not have cared about the truth with Shane. But, he may have been upset to know that Shane likely also died now knowing about his future daughter.

Carl was young when the outbreak began, so he likely didn’t think too much about Lori and Shane. Plus, Judith is his sister, either way.

Do you think Carl Grimes knew the truth about his sister? Or, do you think that Rick is wrong in his assumption?

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