There’s 1 Big Question In The Air After The Midseason Finale Plot Twist


Over the years, AMC has tried to toe the line between homage and original content when it comes to The Walking Dead. This meant killing off some characters, changing storylines, and adding new and exciting content for fans of both. But if Carl Grimes dies, what is left for the show to hold on to?

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

Before the latest mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, the show’s biggest left turn was likely making Daryl Dixon a main character. In many ways, this happened organically, because fans adore the character.

But is killing off Carl Grimes too far to take their adaptation?

Scott Gimple Destroys Robert Kirkman Comic

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

In the past, Chandler Riggs had talked about looking forward to filming the scenes between Negan and Carl Grimes. We’ve seen some of their chemistry, but there’s so much more to film from the comic book.

If Carl Grimes dies from this walker bite on his chest, none of those scenes will happen on screen. In addition, there’s not really another character that can push that storyline forward.

If they try to put Eugene in Carl Grimes’ place, the story will fall flat. Beyond the simple logistics of replacing one character, what does this mean for the rest of the series?

Will AMC Kill Rick Grimes Next?

The Walking Dead Season 8B | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 8, Morgan, Rick, and Carl are the only original characters from the first season of the show. If that’s not bad enough, Morgan is scheduled to leave the show and head over to Fear the Walking Dead. If Carl dies, that’s just Rick Grimes.

Fans love Rick Grimes, but if the writers are willing to kill off Carl Grimes and toss Morgan to another series, why not go ahead and kill Rick? If that happens, will fans even continue to watch the show?

Robert Kirkman had always said that he would one day kill Rick Grimes. In that defense, he made it clear that no one is precious. But the creator of the comic book also said this truth was far down the line.

Do you think AMC will kill Rick Grimes? What is precious about the show now?

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