THIS Menacing, Short Lived Savior Conquered King Ezekiel, But Fans Are Dying To See If…


“You made it this long,” said an unknown Savior to King Ezekiel. “You really going to lie down now?” Many fans of The Walking Dead comic recognized this Savior, who reminded others of a more dweeby, mean Eugene.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead itself never revealed the name of this character, but Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick said his name is Gunther. The character, portrayed by Whitmer Thomas, didn’t last long on the show, but he certainly made waves for King Ezekiel.

Aside from the aftermath, Gunther revealed the truth about the King.

Gunther Captures King Ezekiel On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Your people? You mean all the sheep you roped into thinking you’re a king?” said Gunther. “Yeah, I heard your story. We all did.” At this point, Gunther stepped on his wound and made him stand back up.

“Work in a circus? They don’t treat cats too well in the circus and that cat sure does love you,” said Gunther. The two kept moving as the walkers behind them got closer.

At the gate, Gunther revealed the truth about why the King was being kept alive.

Jerry, Carol, and Shiva the Tiger Save the King

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Gunther knocked down the King and pulled out his sword. At this point, the two were standing next to a locked gate. Gunther tossed the King’s coat over the barbed wire, making it clear only one of them would escape.

“It is what it is. Negan was hoping to have your ass chained to the fence. You, the widow, Rick—but your head on a pike will do just fine,” said Gunther. Then, Jerry literally split Gunther in half with his axe.

Here, both men are stuck at the gate. Jerry breaks his axe a few minutes later while trying to pry open the chain. Then, he’s stuck using the broken end while the King picks up his sword.

More than likely, both men would have died at this point. However, Carol made the decision to let the guns go and save the duo. Later in the episode, Shiva also saved the trio, but it eventually meant the death of the great tiger.

In the end, Gunther rocked King Ezekiel to the core, even though his presence was minor.

Do you think the King will turn-in his crown?

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