Will Rick Grimes Ever Forgive Siddiq For The Death Of Carl Grimes?


Clearly, it’s not entirely Siddiq’s fault that Carl Grimes got bit in the woods. The boy was smart enough to know better but his ambitions were meant to create a more peaceful future. While the duo was killing walkers to free their souls, he was likely thinking of a sort of Carl-topia. Regardless, it’s unlikely Rick Grimes will forgive Siddiq.

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If Carl Grimes had never met Siddiq, then he would still be alive. But, it’s also possible he would have died in some other fashion trying to be a do-gooder. After all, his mission went from trying to kill Negan to trying to save the world. For Carl, this meant finding a new method of peace.

Now, Michonne and a handful of others are living under Carl’s word and working towards a more peaceful future. However, Rick Grimes is still being Rick Grimes. But, he’s going to need to get back to his mental state in the prison garden. Rick needs to put down his gun and become a farmer once again. 

However, he doesn’t see that as a possibility until he kills Negan. One way or another, Rick thinks he must finish the war or die trying. 

The Many Sides Of Rick Grimes

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When Carl Grimes was asking Siddiq questions, he was using a method he learned from an older version of his father. Rick Grimes started as a family man, then became a Sheriff, farmer, killer, leader, and then, a futurist. Somewhere between these roles, there is a version that shaped young Carl.

In the beginning, Rick the family man was simply a man on a mission. When he woke up in the hospital, his main concern was finding his family. After a quick update on the apocalyptic world from Morgan, he became Rick the Sheriff. Thinking the problem would soon be solved, he put on his hat and went after Carl and Lori.

Rick the Sheriff led his people from Hershel’s farm to the prison. There, he got the chance to put down his gun and become Rick the farmer. This version of Rick Grimes is someone his son hated at the time but grew to love. Ironically, Carl’s utopian vision would have fully embraced Rick the farmer.

This version of Rick Grimes is something Alexandria will need soon again. But he still believes he has to kill Negan before this can happen. Plus, he bit out Joe’s neck, killed Pete in the streets of Alexandria, and faced the Termites— all of these things essentially buried Rick the farmer. Despite that, Carl’s dying wish is that this version return.

In order to forgive Siddiq, Rick Grimes is going to have to return to this version of himself. He’s going to need to pass his leadership and pick up a shovel. But he’s so far away that he might be too fargone to become this version of himself. 

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