Could Daryl Dixon Take Over The ‘Carl Grimes’ Whisperer Love Story?


During our most recent Facebook Live Episode, one fan brought up an interesting point about The Walking Dead. Since the televised Michonne took over Andrea’s comic book role, will someone take over Carl Grimes upcoming love story role?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

At this point, it looks like Carl Grimes is going to die during season 8B. If this happens, the next comic book storyline doesn’t make much sense. Unless they skip the Whisperer storyline, somebody is going to need to take over Carl’s arc.

If Daryl Dixon were to take over Carl Grimes’ role, this could mean love for the iconic Daryl Dixon.

Looking To Replace Carl Grimes On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

After the war with Negan, there’s a quick time jump and then Rick needs to fight his next villain. After defeating the Saviors, Rick and company must face a group known as the Whisperers.

The Whisperers are a group that wears the skin of the dead. They walk slowly and act like zombies amongst the undead. This allows for them to move slowly while whispering to one another, so they can approach their enemies.

In order to win this battle, there’s a Romeo and Juliet relationship between Carl Grimes and the daughter of the Whisperers. If Carl doesn’t fit this role, it’s possible that Daryl might.

The Romeo And Juliet Zombie Tale

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Obviously, Daryl Dixon couldn’t fall in love with someone too young, but the show could easily move the story to a Daryl-Whisperer romance. The real question is how Carl’s death will change the rest of the characters during season 8B.

After Carl dies, Rick Grimes and Michonne are going to be torn up, but so will the other characters. Daryl Dixon has been the most willing to kill in this past half-season, but that could change based on Carl’s death and where he messed up Rick’s plan (even though Dwight said he didn’t).

Daryl could follow Rosita, changing from the do-whatever-it-takes person to a more patient person. It’s possible that Daryl could go on some rogue mission and meet up with a Whisperer female, like when he met with the Claimers.

Otherwise, the other option would be for newcomer Saddiq to take over as Carl Grimes. After all, actor Avi Nash said these two are “cut from the same cloth.”

Do you think that Daryl Dixon might take over Carl’s romance in season 8B?

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