If Carol Can Do This 1 Thing, The Next Episode Will Be Legendary..


“We thought we had won,” wrote Carol Peletier to Maggie. “It was over in seconds.” On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we discover that the groups are communicating through letters. But Carol’s main concern is King Ezekiel.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“He’s still not seeing anyone,” said Jerry. Despite Jerry’s devotion, Carol is set on going in to see the King. With a shotgun in her hand, she tells Jerry to go stand by Henry out of the way.

“Cover your ears,” she said, raising the gun up in the air. Luckily, Jerry informed Carol the door was unlocked before she blew it open.

Carol Peletier Visits King Ezekiel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I know what you want from me—what I should be doing—but I can’t,” said King Ezekiel. From the stage where he once led an army, Ezekiel now sits on the floor with Shiva’s chain in his hands. The room is dark and lonesome.

“People out there need you,” said Carol Peletier. During their conversation, we learn the true hopelessness of the former King. “You’re their King,” said Carol, only to learn he no longer believes in his own legend.

“And yet I smiled,” he said, this time noting the phrase in past tense.

“You Made Me Feel Real…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol Peletier started to leave when she thought back about all of the times he went to visit her last season. At this point, she decided that she needed to know why he kept coming up to see her in the house.

After he gives her a false answer, she asked the question again. “You made me feel real,” Ezekiel finally said. “Not a fiction.” As we learned last season, he played a part around everyone except for Carol.

Right away, he decided to tell her the truth about his backstory and his stage presence. Regardless, something about his truth made her stay and fight by his side in the war against the Saviors.

Now, however, Carol is the one who needs to play the part. During this episode, she doesn’t quite tell him enough to get him out of this depression.

However, if he doesn’t change back into his former self (or something better), it’s clear that his people can’t operate without him. We see this expressed in Jerry.

Do you think Carol Peletier can convince Ezekiel to be the King?

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