Did You Hear This Popular Maggie Prediction For The Next Episode? It’s Devastating…


Maggie Tends Garden Outside Hilltop Walls

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Maggie is planting a tree in the outskirts of Hilltop when Gregory walks up behind her in a new promo for next week’s episode. “I don’t think I’ve seen you outside the walls,” said Maggie, without really looking up at Gregory, wearing a Glenn-like cap.

“Built these walls to use ‘em,” responded Gregory, in a snobby, matter-of-fact tone. “If I want greenery, I eat a salad,” he then said, trying to make a joke about the cowardice that is his daily life.

“Why are you here?” Maggie finally asked, looking up at him.

Gregory Seems Threatening

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Gregory revealed that he wants to speak with Maggie and said he’s concerned that she came outside of Hilltop alone. At this point, his concern seems alarming, since he’s addressed the fact that they are alone outside of the gate.

To make things worse, he then asked, “Where are your friends?” while looking around to see if anyone else is nearby. She told Gregory, “They went out. They’re looking for something they need.”

Presumably, she’s referring to Rosita and Sasha, but perhaps also Daryl Dixon…

Maggie Wants A Truce With Gregory, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Gregory finally asked, “Why are you still here, Maggie?” as if it’s not enough that she’s pregnant and her husband is buried nearby. To defend his statement, he reminds her that the doctor is gone, but she quickly said, “I heard you were going to get him back,” which pokes at his weak leadership. “That not true?” asked Maggie.

In the next instant, Gregory has a hand on his hip, but it’s also on a knife. He then admits that he wants to hold a united front, where Maggie agrees, but only if they actually are united, rather than posing as united.

They seem to be on the same page when Maggie said, “It’s never too late to change.” Gregory looks upset at Maggie even though things end peacefully. That said, the other clip clearly shows a knife in Gregory’s hand, inches from Maggie.

Is Gregory foolish enough to think he can kill Maggie Greene?

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