What Rick And Negan Surprisingly Agree On Is A Hint For How The War Will…


“We have to assume Negan’s dead,” says Regina. Regardless of whether or not their leader is alive, Simon quickly reminds us that he too is Negan. With that in mind, Rick Grimes is going to have to do more than kill Negan to win the war.

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Like the walkers outside, the Saviors are an infection. Rick Grimes wants to kill Negan to heal the infection. The problem is that Negan is an idea and not just a man. As soon as he is presumed dead, things go on without him.

Because of this, Daryl Dixon may be more right than Rick Grimes.

Daryl Dixon And Rick Grimes Fight Over…

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During “Big Scary U,” Rick and Daryl get into a fistfight. This is the first time since Season 1 that we’ve seen Daryl make the decision to deceive Rick.

For Daryl Dixon, every Savior must die. Later, when they find the dynamite, he is willing to sacrifice all of the workers in order to destroy the Saviors. Rick Grimes, on the other hand, doesn’t want to kill them.

Surprisingly, Negan and Rick Grimes agree, “People are a resource.”

Negan Is More Than Just A Man…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When they find the dynamite in the truck that night, Daryl quickly realizes that they can end the war right then. For Rick, however, this dynamite (and Daryl’s reasoning) proves that there’s a lot more to discuss.

So far, Rick has worked to stick to the plan. Now, with the “fat lady” (the machine guns) and this dynamite, they could change up the plan and win the war in an instant.

The complication comes from what they will have to risk. For Daryl, the chance of killing a few workers is worth the risk. For Rick, this effort is not worth it.

We’ve seen that Rick Grimes has started to change this season, but this is the first time he and Daryl have discussed anything. Rick watched Daryl execute Morales and the other Savior, but he didn’t speak up soon enough.

Now, Daryl Dixon is acting on his own and it leads to a fight between the two. After the fire causes an explosion, they’re still mad at each other and Rick walks home.

Do you think Rick Grimes has a plan, beyond killing Negan, to actually win the war?

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