[SPOILER] New Cover Art Shows Character “Missing” This, Which Means…


Why Doesn’t Jesus Have A Gun?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead is about to enter All Out War on AMC. This means lots of kills, fights, and more on the epic zombie drama. This also means there is some new badass cover art to go along with the promo, but Jesus doesn’t look like the others.

In the badass cover art, the entire crew is spread out and ready for battle. Fifteen of the “good guys” are armed and dangerous. Rick Grimes, the gunslinger, stands in the center with his six-shooter.

Next to Rick we see Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and Carol.

The Gang Is Locked And Loaded

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

All of the characters have their weapons up and ready except for one. Everyone has a gun, but Morgan has his staff, Michonne her sword, and King Ezekiel also has some sort of sword in his backswing.

The only character that doesn’t appear to be armed is Jesus. It’s possible that the lettering (The Walking Dead 10.22) is covering up a gun, but it’s hard to say. Based on the fact Morgan came at him in the trailer, it could mean he’s up to no good.

There’s been no inclination that he would double-cross Maggie or Rick, but it’s possible that Gregory could be making him do something.

What Does Jesus Do To Anger Morgan?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the SDCC trailer, it’s clear that Jesus did something to anger Morgan. At the time, it looked like maybe Morgan misunderstood something. After all, he did come a little unhinged when Benjamin died last season.

Based on this concept art (Gregory also not pictured) and the short clip from the trailer, Jesus may be up to something. If Gregory has gone over to help with Simon, Jesus may also be double-crossing the good guys.

This would put him in a scenario like Eugene, but possibly worse if Morgan has anything to do with it. Perhaps it has something to do with getting Dr. Carson back. Otherwise, it’s unlikely Jesus would suddenly turn.

Then again, he did start off by stealing a truck from Rick and Daryl.

Do you think Jesus will double-cross Rick and Maggie in Season 8 of TWD?

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