The ACTUAL Reason Michonne Didn’t “Hide” Will Break Your Heart


Fans have been looking for Baby Judith since the premiere of Season 8 on The Walking Dead. Every now and then, it would appear that the writers of the show had forgotten about her. In the mid-season finale, we finally caught up with Baby Grimes thanks to Michonne.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I’ll be back soon. I’ll find your daddy, too,” said Michonne to Baby Judith. “Can you say, Bye Bye?” she asked the toddler. The new mother kissed her stepdaughter and then headed off. Another Alexandrian watched the girl for the Grimes family.

Ironically, there is also an entrance to the sewer behind the duo. Baby Judith is the reason why she couldn’t go hide. She hadn’t found Rick Grimes yet.

Michonne Is Thinking Of Judith’s Future

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the streets of Alexandria, Michonne apologized to Daryl Dixon for bailing on him. This season had really been difficult for the characters. Everyone seemed to be debating moral decisions and how to protect themselves by not killing others.

Regardless of what is right or wrong for the workers, Michonne and Rick Grimes are working for their future. All of their decisions come down to what is right or what is wrong for Judith.

In many ways, she is the real mother of Judith and perhaps even Carl Grimes.

The Importance Of Keeping Promises

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the episode, Carl Grimes made sure that everyone hid in the sewer. With Negan outside the gate, he wanted to make sure everyone was safe and sound. Like Michonne had said earlier, it was his call.

But, when she walked over to the sewer, she made sure she was the last one to stand at the entrance. With Rosita down the ladder, Michonne stood at the top and decided not to go hide.

This scene is important for several reasons. First, Rosita is now on the other side of the fence again (like with Sasha), but she’s learned to be patient. Second, Michonne can’t go hide because she would be breaking a promise to Judith.

Michonne was likely thinking that she could still save Carl Grimes or wait for Rick Grimes to show up. Either way, she knew she couldn’t go and hide just because everyone else had done so. In this instant, she’s being a leader.

In a small way, she was also thinking about bailing on Daryl Dixon.

How do you think Michonne will cope with the potential death of Carl Grimes?


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