Austin Amelio Thinks Dwight And Wife Should…


Austin Amelio Talks Dwight’s Future On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s unclear what’s next for Dwight on The Walking Dead. He’s arrived as a Savior who killed Denise but now wants to help Rick Grimes. Daryl thinks he can’t be trusted. Actor Austin Amelio just wants one thing for his character.

Dwight’s entire persona revolved around helping out his wife. He did just about everything for her, which included stealing Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle and even murdering Denise. Now she’s gone, and he can act on his own.

But is she gone for good?

Dwight Vulnerable Due To Relationship

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, Dwight’s wife disappeared from the Sanctuary. Comic book fans know that she will turn up later, but AMC could change the way that happens. Regardless, fans just want to know she’s safe.

Austin Amelio revealed, “I guess coming from the fan perspective, they really want to see me and my wife get back together and me find her. I think that would be a really vulnerable moment for Dwight and it would kind of complete the audience’s fantasy of them coming back together.”

The actor just wants for Dwight and his wife to somehow “reconvene.”

Toeing The Line Between Good And Evil

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last time Dwight and his wife tried to escape, however, it cost him his face. This time, it could cost him his life. If his plan to help Rick and Daryl somehow backfires, Negan would easily kill Dwight for the double-cross.

Dwight’s character now toes this interesting line. In the beginning, he was somewhat of a good guy, just doing things to get by. Now, he’s more on the dark side, but trying to find the light.

Last season, when he let Dr. Carson get killed, it was clear he’s still in an odd grey area. When the series returns, he’s going to have to figure out how to help Rick Grimes without giving himself up.

If his wife shows up during these attacks, it could make him rethink things once more.

Do you think Dwight and his wife will ever find peace?