Andrew Lincoln Wanted To Be “Naked” In This 1 Scene…


Apparently, actor Andrew Lincoln spent too much time in the junkyard filming “Time for After.” On the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Lincoln actually wanted to film the underwear scenes “naked” in “cowboy boots.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I got to wrestle in boxer shorts all day. It was a really fun fight,” said actor Andrew Lincoln. “I was desperate to be naked. But they wouldn’t let me be naked! I said, ‘One take… Please, with just the cowboy boots. Let’s do that.’”

Lincoln added, “And for some reason, AMC [wasn’t] completely comfortable.”

Andrew Lincoln Wants THIS Scene…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During the episode, Jadis spent the majority of her time trying to convince Rick Grimes to strip down naked. Last season, she also “joked” about having her way with him in front of Michonne.

“Surely Michonne comes to save Rick and sees him naked and he says, ‘It’s not what it looks like!’” added Lincoln. “I wanted that scene.” While the comedy has been left to a minimum this season, that would have been quite different for the show.

However, it is clear that Jadis is obsessed with Rick Grimes.

The Scavengers Complicate Things…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the beginning of the last episode, Jadis is working on an art project in an apron and nothing else. Clearly, the Scavengers would rather work in the nude whenever they get the chance.

In addition to Jadis, there is also a man in a chair who wants to draw Rick Grimes. Presumably, they’ve already drawn or sculpted everyone else in the community and they’re looking for fresh meat.

Despite these comical scenes, Jadis certainly did want more from Rick Grimes. Besides her fatal attraction, she also wanted to see him get bit by a walker. Rick was able to break free, but if he hadn’t they could have kept him as a trophy.

If the Scavengers had let their walker bite Rick Grimes, they could have paraded him around. This way, they could prove their dominance among other groups. Then again, they may have just wanted to experiment more on our hero.

Did you notice that Rick Grimes has been wearing the same undies since the pilot?


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