Andrew Lincoln Jokes About The Hardest Stunt Ever Performed On TWD


“It was actually really amazing to do this very peculiar scene,” said Andrew Lincoln about a stunt on The Walking Dead. During “The Lost and the Plunderers,” Rick Grimes had to fight his way through a junkyard of walkers.

Chris Hemsworth | Photo Credit Thor

“The props department decided to just give me the door of a car, rather than the fake door of a car,” joked Rick Grimes-actor Andrew Lincoln. During the scene, the actor had to hold the 50-pound door and charge through walkers.

“They must have thought I was in Thor: Ragnarok,” said Lincoln. On Talking Dead, the actor joked about a stunt from Season 8B.

Andrew Lincoln Is No Chris Hemsworth, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In his British accent, Andrew Lincoln joked, “I don’t gym as much as Chris [Hemsworth]. I was trying to sort of lug around this door, smashing my way through these poor stunt zombies for most of the afternoon.”

Together, Rick and Michonne found the Heapsters-turned-walkers in the junkyard. Leaving Jadis behind, Rick armed himself with an old car door. Meanwhile, Michonne made a shield out of an old oven lid. Working together, they busted through the crowd. Lincoln then added, “It was a very strange day at the office.”

Killing Zombies Instead Of Lifting Weights

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Other than the car door, the closest thing to Thor’s hammer is likely Jerry’s axe. Before it was broken, the actor would also use a real axe and a fake axe on set. The real axe weighed around fifty pounds or more. Coopers would swing it around with ease, however. 

Jerry-actor Cooper Andrews is a pretty big guy but Andrew Lincoln is smaller and leaner. When he joked about not hitting the gym as much as Chris Hemsworth, he was quite serious. For actors like Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, it’s likely enough work just to eat right and run around in the Georgia heat. For Chris Hemsworth, he has to scarf down tons of protein and hit the gym 5-6 days a week.

What did you think of Andrew Lincoln’s joke about Chris Hemsworth in Thor?

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