What Lincoln Just Said About Glenn’s Death Will Move Fans To Tears


“I think it’s a key moment when Rick is by the graveside of two of his dearest friends,” said actor Andrew Lincoln. After a tough Season 7, Lincoln is thrilled to be back in action in Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It was a very powerful moment of harking back to the beginning of last season and the brutal way they were taken from us,” added Lincoln. “I don’t he’s ever recovered from that. I don’t think any of them have.”

This reminds us of Rick and Michonne on the supply run.

Andrew Lincoln Thinks About Rick And Glenn

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While out gathering supplies, Michonne and Rick Grimes had some luck and found both guns and supplies. On a date that resembled Sixteen Candles, the two shared a meal together by candlelight.

That night, however, Rick Grimes made it clear that he couldn’t sleep through the night while thinking of his deceased friends. The following day, Rick told Michonne just how much he missed his friend, Glenn Rhee.

In the premiere, we see Rick visit the graves of Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee.

Playing Homage To Fallen Characters

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrew Lincoln understands that Rick Grimes isn’t the only one grieving over the loss of these two characters. When he said “Any of them,” he’s likely also referring to the fandom that supports the show.

Glenn and Abraham’s deaths will always be on the back of everyone’s minds. Last season, fans had to watch as Maggie mourned the death of her husband both by visiting his grave and wearing a hat similar to Glenn’s pizza boy look.

Likewise, every little action will make fans think of these two characters. Every time fans see a peace sign, they’re going to think of Abraham Ford. Likewise, even when Negan and Gabriel are covering themselves with guts, fans are going to think of the first time Rick and Glenn met in Season 1 of the series.

By showing Rick Grimes next to the graveside in the premiere, it was clear that he’s doing everything to avenge the deaths of his friends. With that in mind, he also needs to be thinking of the future, for Judith and Baby Rhee.

What do you think of Andrew Lincoln’s comments about Rick Grimes?

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