Andrew Lincoln On The Tactics Rick Grimes Must Use After Son’s Death


“I think Rick is in a huge state of shock as you would be, losing the other engine that has driven him,” said Andrew Lincoln about his character. During an interview with Talking Dead, the actor spoke about his character’s state of mind this season.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the beginning of Season 8, Episode 10, the story began with Rick and Michonne at the grave of Carl Grimes. The image paid tribute to Shane Walsh’s death from the comic but Rick placed Carl’s gun on the cross instead of Shane’s ball cap.

Overall, Rick made several bad decisions while mourning his son.

Andrew Lincoln Said “Two Engines” Are Gone

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“His two engines were his wife and his child. They’ve both been taken away from him. He’s left with Judith, but more importantly, the surrogate family,” said Andrew Lincoln about the Alexandria family.

“Michonne, Daryl, everybody else that exists around him,” he added. “It’s the worst possible thing that can ever happen to a parent. He’s doing the best he can. I think what he’s trying to do is compartmentalize it and distract himself from the loss.”

This also led to Rick Grimes jumping to conclusions with Negan.

Passing The Blame For Death Of Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes and Michonne were both shocked to see that Carl Grimes pictured Negan in his utopian future. It looked like Rick was going to read Carl’s letter to Negan over the walkie but he chose to yell at his enemy instead.

Over the walkie, Negan then turned the table on Rick Grimes. Negan actually blamed Rick for the death of Carl. In Negan’s mind, if Rick had only listened to him, then none of this would have ever happened.

Likewise, if Negan wasn’t Negan, then Rick would not have to fight him for everyone else’s freedom. Basically, both of these men are out there doing what they think is right, but it’s getting those around them killed. More than likely, when Rick does decide to open his letter, the message from his son will be the same for Negan and Rick.

Do you think Rick Grimes will be more merciful like his son asked?


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