FINALLY… Andrew Lincoln Breaks Silence About Midseason Finale


“This is bigger than any other death that we’ve ever had and we realize that as it plays out in the back eight,” said actor Andrew Lincoln. “The back eight is completely different… This episode happens and everything changes. We spin off into a completely different new world.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For fans, it’s good to know that the cast was as shocked as the audience in regards to the bite on Carl Grimes. In the final seconds of the mid-season finale, Rick Grimes learned that his son has been bitten fatally.

Showrunner Scott Gimple called Andrew Lincoln to tell him the bad news.

Andrew Lincoln Couldn’t Respond To News

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Scott Gimple would usually run things by actor Andrew Lincoln. It doesn’t sound like the actor had a say in the plot, but the two would discuss what might happen. During this phone call, Lincoln didn’t have any words for the idea.

“Even then, I was waiting to say, ‘This is a really cool way of telling me that I’m off the show, you know that?’ That’s what I thought he was about to say. He said, ‘It’s the kid.’ I couldn’t even say, ‘No.’ I was silent for a minute,” recalled the actor.

“He said, twice, ‘Are you still there?’ I just didn’t see it coming,” added Andrew Lincoln.

An Uncertain Future On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

No one thought this could ever happen. In fact, actors like Andrew Lincoln and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) have said that they thought that Carl Grimes would be the final survivor.

In Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Carl Grimes is alive and well, so the series is really taking a major left turn. Most of the stories play out on television in one way or another, but this one is completely new.

Chandler Riggs said that the showrunner explained to him that this was the only way to make Rick Grimes go from wanting Negan dead to killing him. Therefore, they are going to follow that outline, but without Carl Grimes.

Since Carl died as somewhat of a humanitarian, his final efforts will drastically change Rick Grimes. Not only will Rick be in mourning, but he will have to start thinking differently about the war.

We’re going to see a little more of Carl Grimes, but he’s slowly leaving the show.

Do you ever think you would see Carl Grimes die on The Walking Dead?

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