Actor Andrew Lincoln Said Rick Grimes Future “Doesn’t Look Good”


Now that Carl Grimes is officially no longer a Walking Dead cast member, fans are wondering how the show is going to push forward. In addition, with such a drastic left turn from the comic book, fans are thinking that no one is safe, which includes both Rick Grimes and Maggie Greene Rhee.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s really hard to imagine The Walking Dead pushing forward without Maggie, Rick or Daryl Dixon. But, now that Carl Grimes is gone, anything is possible. Plus, Maggie actress Lauren Cohan is having some issues with her contract negotiations. What’s worse still, is that the Season 8B premiere ended with a bleeding Rick Grimes.

In the final scene of the premiere, Rick Grimes was leaned up against a tree, looking pale, and bleeding from his gut. It’s unclear if he was shot, bit, or stabbed, but it doesn’t look good for our fearless leader.

The Death of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 8 has really screwed around with the timeline, so there are a few first thoughts when you see Rick Grimes leaned against the tree. First of all, the injury looked like it was in the same location as Carl’s bite. Some fans on our Facebook Live Q&A wondered if maybe Carl’s death was a dream from a dying Rick.

This feels too on-the-nose for the show, so then we started to think about this being an old injury. Back in Season 7, Jadis shot Rick in a similar location. However, if you roll back the game footage, she actually shot him on the other side of his body. Therefore, the injury should be in the future.

Whatever weapon or bite got to Rick, it hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, this could mean that he chose not to listen to his son and the war will kill Rick Grimes.

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