Andrew Lincoln Drops Hint About Rick Grimes Appearing On Fear The Walking Dead


After Talking Dead announced that Lennie James (Morgan) was going over to Fear the Walking Dead, fans were excited but also upset. Sure, they knew who was going to “cross over,” but they didn’t know what that meant for the original series. Now, however, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln has weighed in on the two shows.

Lennie James | Photo Credit Talking Dead

“It’s until we meet again,” said Andrew Lincoln about Rick Grimes and Morgan saying goodbye on the second half of The Walking Dead Season 8B. “I don’t know there’s something in the air, that I feel that it’s not quite the end yet for Rick and Morgan,” concluded the actor.

This could mean a handful of different ideas, but it could mean that Rick Grimes will one day be on Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear Prepares For The Possibility of Rick Grimes

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Not long ago, Robert Kirkman suggested that Morgan would be going to Fear the Walking Dead in the future, not the past. This original complicated makes things a little easier on the show, and it opens up more possibilities.

If Morgan had gone to Fear the Walking Dead in the past— the seasons he was lost, for example—it would have been a limited crossover. Now, he’s going to have to defeat Negan and then head to Texas.

That could also mean we’re going to see some of the newcomers on The Walking Dead before they head to Fear with Morgan.

Andrew Lincoln Talks About The Big Crossover

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit AMC

“It was a very, very sad back eight,” said Andrew Lincoln. “There were lots of goodbyes, and big goodbyes as well. But there was a sort of sense, certainly, with Lennie, that it’s until we meet again.”

This could mean a few major things for the two shows. First of all, it could simply mean that Morgan will be on both shows or that the two shows will unite again. But it could also mean we’ll see more original stars on the sister series.

Hopefully, it’s a little bit of both. If the writers are truly thinking long-term, they could merge the two shows in and out and back and forth. That way, we could see both sets of characters on both shows.

In fact, some fans even think that the crew of Fear will turn into the Whisperers.

What’s your favorite fan theory about the Fear and TWD crossover?


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