Andrew Lincoln Reflects On His First Day On Set Of The Walking Dead


“It’s very moving to hear 100 episodes,” said Andrew Lincoln at the 2017 Comic Con. “This has been the most incredible thing in my life. It’s been the most incredible experience,” he told fans. The actor got choked up talking about his first days on set.

Before The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln had a few small roles but certainly wasn’t as popular as he became after the show premiere. Now, he’s a legend at Comic-Con events and for anyone who watches AMC.

This all started with Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal on set in Atlanta, Georgia.

Andrew Lincoln Recalls His First Day On Set

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the Comic-Con Hall H Panel, the cast of The Walking Dead answered an array of questions from fans. Robert Kirkman spoke about George Romero and Greg Nicotero spoke about his love for walkers. But the very first day started with Lincoln.

It was “me and Jon Bernthal on that road, doing the car block. Jon’s knee was busted so I had to drive him around Atlanta and I kept driving on the left hand side of the road,” said Andrew Lincoln.

“Then I have to get in a car with him. We had to drive it 80 miles per hour and then stop abruptly,” joked the actor. Bernthal was worried about his new co-star.

Actor Clearly Very Grateful For The Opportunity

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Garnett

“We shot that whole day and we looked like we were in a monsoon, because it’s Atlanta in the mid-summer. They said forget the makeup on this show…” As Lincoln retold the story, he sounded very grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s very moving,” he said while thinking of that first day. It’s now been eight years since the show hit AMC and there’s no end in sight. Fans are hoping that Lincoln will stick with the show until the very end, but anything could happen.

Creator Robert Kirkman has said that no one is safe on the show and that even Rick Grimes will die one day. While we know Lincoln has signed on for Season 9, it’s unclear if he’ll live beyond the war and the next season.

Etiher way, we’re glad AMC casted Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

What’s your favorite Rick Grimes moment from the first season? Do you think Rick will die during Season 9 (read here)?

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